Determining Which UTV Is Right for Your Needs

Posted By: Shelby
Post Date: 01/30/2020


When you want to get a UTV or side-by-side for work or fun, you must consider some critical factors before you buy them. Not every UTV on the market will meet your needs, so you need to find the right one so that you can get the most out of it.

Determine How You Plan To Use Your UTV

One of the most critical things to determine before you start shopping for a UTV or side-by-side is how you will use it. UTVs are incredibly versatile, and people use them for everything from recreation to farm or construction work.

How you use your UTV dictates some of the features you want in it. The configuration of the body and the engine and transmission in your side-by-side all need to fit your usage.

Farm Use

If you want a UTV for the farm, you more than likely want to have a large engine and a cargo bed on your machine. A reliable tow hitch is also essential, and if you plan to use it all year, you may want to have an enclosed passenger area so that you can use it in adverse weather.

Ask the dealer about the towing capacity and the load rating on your UTV so that you know the limitation of the machine. Towing and hauling can strain the drive train, so consider opting for a UTV with a large engine and a low gear set if you will use it to tow things around the farm.

Hunting and Fishing

A lot of sportsmen like UTVs for hunting and fishing because they can get in and out of remote locations and carry a lot of gear into the area as well. If you want a rig for sporting use, you may want to consider a four-seater so that you can take several people with you and still be comfortable on your trek into the great outdoors.

You may also want a bed on the back of a trailer hitch and small trailer so you can haul things in and out even when you have people in all four seats. Most dealers can set you up with a trailer to pull behind your rig that has the right tires, suspension, and load capacity for your needs. 

Don't Forget Comfort in the UTV

Comfort might not be something that many people consider when buying a UTV or side-by-side, but if you plan to spend time in the vehicle and driving over rough terrain, comfort is essential. When you start looking at UTVs, sit in the ones you are considering. Make sure you can reach the controls comfortably and that you have enough legroom to allow you to control the machine.

If the machine is not comfortable, you may come to a place that you don't want to use it anymore. A UTV is a significant investment no matter what you use it for, so taking the time to find one that fits you and is comfortable to ride in for hours at a time is an essential part of the buying process. 

New UTVs are often available with heat, air conditioning, a windshield, and an enclosed cab. While not everyone will want all these things on their UTV, you have to determine what creature comforts you want or need for the environment you use your UTV in.

Come and see us at Lancaster Sport Cycles for a complete line of sporting and work-related UTVs. Our expert staff can help you select the right UTV for your needs and add the right options to make it as versatile as you need. We look forward to being your source for UTVs, parts, and accessories.


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